Apple-A-Day Foundation was founded in February 2015 after it became abundantly clear that there were just too many school children out there who didn't have the basics to attend school. Without the basics, it is virtually impossible to get the most out of the education afforded you.

Imagine not having a jersey or socks in winter, you would be so cold, it would be impossible to concentrate in class. If you have no pencils and text books, you cannot take notes nor do homework. You want to play in your school's sports team, but you have no trainers or boots or shorts, you cannot participate...

The organisation's main objectives are to raise funds in order to purchase materials for schools which cater for the financially disadvantaged learners. These materials include, but are not limited to: stationery, school uniforms, sports uniforms, school books and learning material.

The organisation's secondary objectives will be to:  raise funds in order to purchase sporting kit and equipment for clubs that cater for the financially disadvantaged youth.

We are a Western Cape, South Africa based charity with a view to becoming a national organisation.

Non Profit Company number: 2015/045357/08

Non Profit Organisation number: 152-536 NPO

APPLE-A-DAY FOUNDATION - Bringing education essentials to South African learners.